Invest in a CRM Built to Last

The average ROI for every dollar spent on your CRM is $8.71.

$ 3,500

CRM Gameplan

Billed upfront. 2 week timeline.

  • check-1
    CRM Benchmarks
  • check-1
    Opportunity Analysis
  • check-1
    Bottleneck Identification
  • check-1
    Recommended Action Plan

$ 9,150

Department Implementation

One Time Fee Per Department

  • check-1
    CRM Onboarding
  • check-1
    Reporting Dashboards
  • check-1
    Tracking Automation
  • check-1
    Employee Training

$ 7,500

Monthly CRM Management

Month to Month Maintenance

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    Workflow Management
  • check-1
    Reporting Management
  • check-1
    Property Adjustments
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    Training Videos

Discover How We Built a CRM to Scale a Startup to $2 Million in 6 months

Using this revenue methodology, we built a CRM to support a business to grow from $0 to $2M Million in 6 months.

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Frequently asked questions

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Why should I invest in an audit first?

Creating the right plan for your CRM strategy saves money. If we start implementation without a plan custom to your business, you will miss out on all the possible ways you could improve your company.

Do you train our team after implementation?

Included in every implementation package is a training session with the team. You can also add documentation, training videos, and monthly training sessions if you’d like.

What type of integrations can you build?

If you can dream it, we can build it. We’ve built integrations for Thinkific, Quickbooks, Bill, Airtable, and many more.

How can we communicate with your team?

We typically will create a Slack Connect with your team so that we can chat in real time. You can also reach us through email.

What is included in each Setup?

Each setup includes exactly what is needed to track all the data for that department. This will change with each company, but here are the defaults we include in every project.

Can I fly a team member out to solve our problems in person?

This is an option clients find valuable; however, we will have to charge for a site visit fee and your team will have to cover flight, hotel, and a per-diam if outside our headquarter state.

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Hi, I'm Kevin Mead, Owner of Erabond. I help high-growth companies build a CRM that grows topline revenue. I love taking on tough challenges that provide lasting value! Let's chat to figure out how I can help.

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Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

Your CRM Should Multiply Your Company's Success.

 Your CRM determines how efficient your revenue team can be.
  • Imagine your sales cycle dropping quarter by quarter
  • Imagine your return on ad spend skyrocketing
  • Imagine your churn dropping without any new feature updates

All of this is possible with a powerful CRM and a partner you can rely on.