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Got an automation itch you can't scratch?

Here are some of the limitations you can solve with our custom scripts


Auto Complete Tasks

Create a workflow that marks all tasks as a complete when a ticket or deal is closed. This prevents dangling tasks frustrating your team.


Turn Line Items into Tickets

With this script, you can turn line items into tickets so you can ensure every service is fulfilled exactly as scoped.


Create Line Item Bundles Automatically

Create multiple line items when a property changes. This allows you to dynamically create packages that your sales team can click and add immediately.


Auto create notes

Create notes on objects automatically using this workflow script. This will inform your team on what is top of mind about these contacts.


Infinite Enrollment

Ever want to create a task every 2 days until a ticket is closed? With this script you can infinitely enroll a ticket in a workflow until it meets the exit criteria.


Complex Date Management

If you're like me, you've wanted to set a datestamp X days before or after the day a workflow runs. With this script, you can manipulate that data easily.


Run Rate Calculation

Forecasts are great, but sometimes it helps to see how your forecast matches up with your run rate. With this workflow script, you can pulse your closed deals every day to run and calculate your run rate so it can be displayed in HubSpot.


Progress Benchmarks

Want to know if a project is on track? Using tickets and deals, you can show the percentage a deal is fulfilled and where your team actually should be.


Associate New Tickets to Latest Deal

It helps to know how much support each client is requiring. With this workflow, you can associate any new ticket to the last deal that was closed for their company.


Clean out Spam Folder

The Spam folder in Conversations is obnoxious. You shouldn't need a team member clearing that out each day. With this script, you can clear it out everyday.


Time between Touchpoints Tracking

It helps to see what the average time between touchpoints is by contact. With this script, you can pull that data on each contact and store it in your properties for reporting.


Bulk Custom Object Creation

What happens when you need to make 100s of custom objects per deal? With some simple looping, you can build these custom objects quickly.


Auto Increment Number

Need to auto increment a number field? You can handle that with this custom script by searching the last instance of that number in the CRM and adding one to it.


Create new properties

Need to add new properties to a checkbox? You can add a new option to a property with this custom script using workflows or Zapier to grow your options.


Harvest Time Tracking

Love using Harvest with your HubSpot, but have no custom integration? These scripts let you create new projects in Harvest for deals or tickets and track that time immediately in Harvest from HubSpot.


Register Contact for Marketing Event

Track attendance by adding attendees to your marketing events in HubSpot.


Complex Lead Rotation

Need to batch lead and deal ownership so that it is even based on a specific property like an event? This script is for you.


Abandoned Cart Tracking

Need to handle track abandoned carts for email sequences? This tutorial and script will show you how to manage it so you can track conversion by product and reach out automatically.


Sentiment Scoring

Score your contacts based on their email history to build a score on how receptive they are to your offer.


Store Marketing Attribution Data for Custom Attribution

Pull page view data so you can create your own custom attribution model.


Deal Velocity Tracking

Pipeline velocity is the best metric to show what changes are working the best. Go even more granular with tracking deal velocity to find the best deals to focus on.


Pull Object Properties into One Object, Not All

It's infuriating when trying to copy from a company to a new ticket without copying it to every existing ticket. With this script, you can pull a property from any association without copying it to all.


Transform States into Political Parties

Want to know what political parties leads to the highest close rates? This script will turn states into the current political parties of the state. It can be adjusted to city councils as well.


Thinkific Management

Create a workflow that enrolls a contact into a course or unenrolls them when their subscription ends. This is a custom integration that can save tons of money with extra quality assurance for course companies.


Link Sibling Objects to Each Other

Want to create sibling deals or objects that move when one is moved. With this script, you can link objects so they match each other's motion or property changes.


Find LinkedIn Profile Urls

Using Apollo, you can find the LinkedIn profile for a new contact within HubSpot.


Mass Import Properties onto an Associated Object

With this script, you can import a text file onto a property of an associated object. Think about how you could update 100 tickets associated with a contact with one copy and paste.


2 Step HubSpot Forms

Create two step HubSpot forms on your website with a copy and paste of this easy javascript. You'll attract more leads to retarget and improve conversion.


Auto categorize tickets based on similar tickets

With this script, HubSpot will use past descriptions to tag category based on past data. This allows you to prioritize these tickets automatically or even auto repsond.


Auto Respond to Threads

Everyone has customer requests that can be answered with an email. It doesn't look good to send a marketing email in response. With this script, you can send it from the assigned owner in the conversations inbox.


Build a Referral Program

Leveraging a couple scripts, you can build a referral program right in HubSpot using the contact id.


Return on Investment Tracking

With this script, you can pull the daily spend from a specific source and average that amount across the contacts. This will give you an average spend by day per contact inside of HubSpot.


Update Airtable

With this script, you can quickly sync HubSpot with Airtable records and update a field every time it triggers in HubSpot.

Hear what leaders love about Erabond Scripts


HubSpot Genius

If you are in need of someone willing to think outside the HubSpot box to maximize your organization's potential, Kevin is the guy to call! First and foremost he is an amazing communicator, which was HUGE for me. He provided regular updates on his work and was always willing to get on a call to walk me through his progress/process. Kevin helped deliver customer marketing attribution reporting (created automations, cleaned our data, custom formulas, reports, etc) and did so faster than the anticipated timeline. We have already done a few projects with Kevin and would not hesitate to call him for assistance in the future. I cannot recommend him enough!

Kelly Angus, Revenue Operations Manager



Came to Our Rescue!

...A previous HS developer who left us in a bind. We had a HUGE event (thats our business model) that was going live in 7 days and our previous developer overpromised and undelivered, in a MAJOR way... Kevin CAME TO OUR RESCUE. 

Nikki Franklin, Director of Marketing

Trade with the Pros


An arrow you need to have in your HubSpot Sales/Marketing quiver

Erabond has been an exceptional resource for our team to build the foundational elements of our sales and marketing hubs. Kevin's detailed approach, can-do attitude, and extremely quick turnaround times have enabled our teams to do more with less, understand our effective marketing channels, and grow our sales activities. Our experience has been so positive, we've already committed to another project with him to migrate our website, blog, and build new landing pages. A great experience. We're so happy we chose Kevin as a one-man wrecking crew opposed to using an agency.

Jackson Dorsey, Marketing Manager

Bold Metrics


HubSpot Wizard

Kevin is an absolute HubSpot whiz. He did an excellent job setting up our HubSpot account utilizing workflows that will greatly increase our productivity and keep us organized. If we need any HubSpot work/support done he is our guy.

Ian Prendergast, CEO



Absolutely AMAZING!!!

Working with Kevin to migrate our CRM, deals, activities, history and account details was simply amazing. Kevin is a great communicator and dedicated executor of the tasks at hand. He guided us every step of the way and the results were flawless. I cannot recommend him enough for his professionalism and pure mastery of HubSpot.

Eli Chmouni, CEO

Neon Screens


More than we could have hoped for!

Erabond completely changed and advanced how the Chassi team executes business development and marketing operations. They brought much-needed structure to our lives and were there for any question we had. Honestly, Erabond felt like a member of our team from our first meeting, and the attention and care they gave use throughout our engagement made them an invaluable asset. Plus, they constantly brought new, creative ideas to the table (and even learned a new skill!) to solve what we thought was unsolvable. I truly hope to work with them again because it’s rare you find someone who is equally talented, helpful, and a joy to work with.

Evie Carpenter, Director of Marketing



Systems Architecture Genius

Erabond has the most effective and thoughtful systems architecture solutions I've ever seen. Their ability to translate business strategy into technical solutions will impress you beyond your highest expectations, and if you're concerned about hitting deadlines; you won't be with them. I had the pleasure of working with Erabond for a year while helping to build a Phoenix Healthtech startup and can honestly say that their work put us years ahead of our anticipated scaling point. Not only would I recommend Erabond for most anything on Operational, Sales and Marketing machinery, but I'd also welcome your call if you need a direct reference. Even as a 3rd party, they'll feel right at home as a big part of your team.

Deric Frost, CEO



Pure wizardy!

Working with Kevin is nothing short of magical. I don't know how he does all that he does, but I don't stress about knowing it will work exactly as I'd hoped. There is nothing that can be conceptualized that Kevin cannot make a reality. Kevin knows the ins and outs of HubSpot and so many other tools, and more importantly how to make them work together. Furthermore, he is fantastic at making his technical know-how digestible for anyone to understand. From the big picture ideas and strategies, all the way to the smallest settings adjustments, Kevin is there to help. He is incredibly responsive and available. It truly feels like he is a teammate, because he quickly understands the industry, customers, and needs of his clients. He speaks our language and we work together seamlessly. Specifically for startups that don't have the operational bandwidth or time, Erabond's services are invaluable and the efficiency gained is well worth the investment. I will continue to recommend working with him to anyone who I come across.

Jordan Mellul


A MAJOR win for our company

Working with Kevin has been a MAJOR win for our company. We needed someone with the experience, insight and leadership to help our company take our tech integrations and CRM system to the next level, and Kevin has consistently over-delivered. I would highly recommend Kevin, and we will continue to work with him in the future!

Julie Maw, CMO

Advance Your Reach


Measurable value

Kevin is the ever-elusive marketing ninja, what makes him so unique is his absolute talent in so many different areas. He brings measurable value in his exceptional demand generation marketing, CRM management, digital advertising, and website+ landing page design and building. Every department within our company relied heavily on Erabond as it was a true asset to every team.

Retta Kekic, CMO



Full-Stack Marketing Skillset that holds its own against Bay Area Talent

Kevin Mead is the best contractor you'll work with this year. I have been doing advanced marketing in Phoenix-based technology companies for more than a decade, and there are only two or three people in this town with a technical, full-stack marketing skillset that holds its own against Bay Area talent. Kevin is one of them.

Jerrod Bailey, CEO



Our Secret Weapon in Automation

Erabond became our secret weapon in automation and tech processes. I wouldn't hesitate to work with them again and again.

Shelya Quimby, Marketing Manager

Advance Your Reach

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